Church Leadership

We want to pursue a life that glorifies Jesus Christ.

What is Biblical Leadership?

We believe that proper leadership in the local church is defined by God. The Church is the body of the Lord Jesus Christ. The members are His members. He has gifted each member according to His design and purposes. The best functioning church is a church that functions within the instructions that God gives us in His revealed will–the Word of God.

There are two offices described in the New Testament for the local church. There are specific, biblical qualifications for theses offices given in God’s Word.

The first office is that of pastor (elder or overseer). The pastor is to be the leader of the local church. The primary responsibility and gifting of the pastor is for him to shepherd and equip the church through the preaching of God’s Word. He is to manage the church by leading her in a pursuit of loving and obeying God through worship and ministry. (1 Timothy 3:1-7; Titus 1:5-9; Ephesians 4:7-15)

The second office of the church is that of deacon. The office of deacon is one of service within the church. The purpose of the deacon is to assist the pastor in ministering to the physical needs of the church. The deacon assists the pastor by seeing to the physical needs of members, the physical needs of the church facilties and grounds, and communicating any spiritual needs of the congregation to the pastor so that the pastor can minister to the spiritual needs in an appropriate and timely manner. (Acts 6:1-7; 1 Timothy 3:8-13)


Kent Pletcher


Kent is responsible for the overall vision and direction of the church as it is set out in the gospel of Jesus Christ and is the primary preacher and teacher at First Baptist. Other than the Lord Jesus and everything to do with Him, Kent loves his wife, his kids, and hunting.


Clif Anderson

Deacon, Music Director

Clif has been a member of FBC since 1992. Clif has been a deacon at First Baptist for twenty-five years. He is also the Music Director assisting the Pastor in overseeing the music for all public worship services. Clif also leads an Adult Sunday School. Clif and his wife Cheryl have three adult children; Chad Anderson, Cami Downer, Cody Anderson, and Cullen Anderson.


Darrell Fox


Darrell has been a member of FBC since 1999. He became a deacon at First Baptist in 2003 and also heads up the Ordinance Ministry. Darrell is married to his wife Marion. Darrell has two adult children: Tom Fox and Amanda Denault.


Tom Lill


Tom has been a member of FBC since 1982. He became a deacon in 1998. Tom is married to his wife Doris and they have six adult children: Melissa Link, Jennifer Mackall, Doug Lill, Justin Lill, Amanda Wheeler, and Christopher Lill.