Connect With Others


There are a lot of complex things going on in our lives. We want to help with biblical truths that show the trustworthiness of God and His Word. Every Adult ministry seeks to take biblical truth and apply it to everyday life. You will find a welcoming atmosphere and compassionate people. We believe that Jesus enables us to live lives that honor Him.

We think you would enjoy our Adult ministries. Come join us this Sunday at First Baptist Church.


Our Youth Ministry is for grades 7 through 12. This is pivotal time in their life. They’re facing tough decisions about their future. They’re having more opposition to their faith. It is a time when the church needs to help them to be grounded in the Biblical answers of life. They need reassurance that the Christian worldview is the best worldview. We want to come along side the parents and aid them in grounding their children in Christianity.

We would love for you to bring your youth to First Baptist.


Our children’s ministry is for 6th grade and younger and is designed to teach children Bible stories that help them know God’s faithfulness to His people, how those stories apply to real life, and to trust the Word of God. We also help our children to memorize biblical truths by putting them to song. And, we have found that children love crafts and games that help reinforce biblical truths.

We would love to get to know your children at First Baptist Church.